Who are we ?

ABEO is a French Group and one of the global leaders in the sports and leisure equipment sector.

ABEO's activities are divided into three divisions:

  • Gymnastics and other sports

“Gymnastics” represented by GYMNOVA, JANSSEN-FRITSEN, SPIETH GYMNASTICS and SPIETH AMERICA, which rank among the world leaders in this specialty. Between them, these four brands participated 11 times in the Olympic Games ; JANSSEN-FRITSEN was a supplier at the Beijing Games in 2008, GYMNOVA in London in 2012, and SPIETH GYMNASTICS and GYMNOVA supplied the Rio Games in 2016. These four ABEO brands give the Group a strong presence on every continent.
‘Other sports' represented by SCHELDE SPORTS which specializes in team sports — particularly basketball ; O'JUMP which specializes in wrestling and other combat sports ; ADEC SPORT which is a generalist Belgian company, ERHARD SPORT a specialist which equips sports halls in Germany, CANNICE in China, BOSAN in the Netherlands.

SPORTSAFE UK is a specialist in the sports facility maintenance. SPORTSAFE UK employs some 90 people and works with clients at more than 15,000 sites.

  • Climbing

This division consists of the ENTRE-PRISES brand, which is a global leader in artificial climbing walls, and the TOP 30, DOCK 39 and CLIP'N CLIMB brands.

  • Locker rooms layouts

This division consists of France's leading brands — FRANCE EQUIPEMENT, SANITEC, SUFFIXE and NAVIC — PROSPEC brand in the UK and the USA, META in Germany.

Each brand of ABEO designs its own product range in its own design office, manufactures the products using its own subsidiaries and then markets and installs them. Each entity has a great deal of autonomy.

ABEO coordinates all these activities from its Head Office in Rioz (70 - Haute-Saône) in France. GYMNOVA and O'JUMP are located in Marseille (France), JANSSEN-FRITSEN in Helmond (the Netherlands), SPIETH GYMNASTICS in Altbach (Germany), ENTRE-PRISES near Grenoble (France), TOP 30 in Aviles (Spain), FRANCE EQUIPEMENT and SUFFIXE in Rioz (France), SANITEC in Tours (France), PROSPEC in Rotherham (UK) and Saint Louis (USA). Click here to see the Group's locations

Since 2010, ABEO has tripled its sales volume due to significant international expansion. ABEO makes 30% of its sales in France, 52% in Europe and 18% in the rest of the world.

With 1,600 employees, including 400 in France, ABEO's teams are spread over 34 sites.

ABEO is also involved in culture, occupational integration and humanitarian action. The Group is particularly involved in the development of “Ateliers sans Frontières” and the Sports for Children, charities which recycle sports equipment to give it a second life.

Since its IPO (October 2016), ABEO's share capital is owned by Olivier Estèves (CEO), Jacques Janssen (deputy CEO), CM-CIC Investissement and the public.