ENTRE-PRISES, the world's number one manufacturer and designer of climbing walls, leads the American and UK markets, with 80% of its turnover deriving from outside of France.

ENTRE-PRISES was created in 1985 to produce and distribute detachable climbing holds made of concrete resin, intended to be attached to vertical concrete or cinderblock walls. 

Fans of the new sport of indoor climbing were seeking structures resembling those found in nature, and in order to remain at the forefront of the sport, ENTRE-PRISES had to develop ever more elaborate structures to meet this need. 

Through its bold innovations ENTRE-PRISES developed quality products and quickly earned a reputation as a pioneer in the budding market of Artificial Climbing Structures. Its active participation in the development of the discipline, its partnerships with the biggest national and international federations, together with its strong presence abroad, has led ENTRE-PRISES to its position as an uncontested leader.

Among its most prestigious accomplishments, ENTRE-PRISES outfitted and installed the largest and highest climbing wall in the world in TALKIRCHEN, Germany and has equipped world competitions of the highest standard in France, the USA and Asia.

ENTRE-PRISES has a worldwide presence thanks to its English, German, American, and Chinese subsidiaries and its network of distributors.

 In October 2011, ENTRE-PRISES acquired TOP 30 Climbing Walls. TOP 30 -- known for its strong position in the strongish market, its involvement in the competition world and its team of sponsored climbers -- is a great addition to the ENTRE-PRISES group.  TOP 30's recent appointment as the exclusive official partner of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and as the organiser for 3 World Cup events are the company's most recent significant accomplishments.


DOCK39 is a new leisure park concept. DOCK39 opened in Spain at Zaragoza (Puerto Venecia Shopping and Leisure Centre) in 2012 and is also present in Bilbao, Majorca and Valencia as well as in Paris and Terville in France.

These centres offer the most daring of visitors the chance to push their limits by climbing up to 10 metres high, by throwing themselves into the void or by zipping through the sky. And younger visitors can have a wild time too with a whole host of fun activities.

CLIP 'N CLIMB is a new concept of recreation center for the whole family based on climbing. Developed in New Zealand in 2005, CLIP 'N CLIMB allows everyone to practice ludic climbing previously a niche sport. Since the opening of the first European center in England in 2011, the popularity of this original and exciting activity has grown steadily and is now present in more than 35 countries practiced by children and adults.




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