With GYMNOVA in France, JANSSEN-FRITSEN in the Netherlands, SPIETH GYMNASTICS in Germany and SPIETH AMERICA in Canada, ABEO has an incredible range of experience, expertise and products in the gymnastics sector.

Between them, the first three companies alone participated in the Olympic Games over 20 times, and in even more World Championships and continental championships! GYMNOVA and SPIETH GYMNASTICS were the exclusive suppliers to Rio 2016, while GYMNOVA did supply the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow.

Each brand is managed autonomously: design, manufacture and distribution are carried out by dedicated teams, in both their domestic and international markets. Sharing the same general passion for gymnastics, they invest in innovation and contribute effectively to the development of the various disciplines in this sport and their different levels of practice.

Their ranges cover all training and competition equipment for the activities under the control of the International Gymnastics Federation, i.e. artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics, general gymnastics, aerobics and acrobatic gymnastics.

They are also present in the educational equipment sector with products designed for beginners, from baby gyms to learner equipment used in schools or clubs.

SCHELDE SPORTS, a Dutch company, is a major player in the sports equipment market in Benelux and has a very long list of international references, on every continent.

Capable of managing bespoke multisports projects, team sports have become its main asset, thanks to its close partnership with FIBA (the International Basketball Federation).

SCHELDE SPORTS is an essential player in the competitive basketball equipment market, and supplied the RIO 2016 Olympic Games and the 2015 European Championships.

O’JUMP, a brand founded in France in the 1980s, has a worldwide reputation in landing mats and mattresses. It has been present in the gymnastics sector since its early days, and has since developed specific expertise in combat sports, especially wrestling. It was a supplier to the 2012 London Olympic Games, and has supplied many other international competitions.

ADEC SPORT, based in Belgium, is a major player in the Belgian sports market. A generalist company, it is capable of managing complex projects from sports equipment to seat stands and locker room fittings.

SPORTSAFE UK Ltd was founded in 1997 and has expanded beyond all recognition from a team of two to now over 90 at five offices in Essex (head office), Wales, Midlands, York and Scotland. SPORTSAFE offers international installation, service and sales of sports and fitness equipment to more than 14,000 customers from the Shetland Isles to the South Coast in the UK and as far afield as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bangkok, including private schools, sports centres, care homes and more than 100 county councils and fire, police and NHS authorities.

Based in the Berlin region, ERHARD SPORT GmbH has 9 employees and currently posts revenue of around €1.5 million per year, mainly generated from designing specialised sports centres. As a result of its takeover in 2015 by two former executives, Frank and Mario Janzen, the company also acquired the ERHARD SPORT brand, a long-standing household name in Germany, founded in 1880 and a pioneer in the sports equipment market.

BOSAN NV, a family business based in the Netherlands, has 75 employees and in 2017 generated annual revenue of around €11m. Primarily focused on the development, manufacture and sale of innovative sports equipment and facilities, the company has its own production unit with an industrial and logistics area of 8,500m2, a subsidiary in Belgium and a sales network for the Benelux region.

CANNICE, based in Dezhou (in the Shandong province, close to Beijing), has become a leading player in the sports industry. Founded in 2012, the company has 130 employees and at 31 July 2017 (according to due diligence findings) had generated 7-month revenue of 38 million RMB, equivalent to around €5m.  The company has its own production unit with an industrial and logistics area of almost 14,000m2, offices in Beijing and a nationwide distribution network. It is the exclusive distributor of ABEO brands in China, including: SCHELDE SPORTS, SPIETH Gymnastics and JANSSEN-FRITSEN.

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