Le 10/05/2019

Will Bosi joins the Entre-Prises ambassador team

Twenty-year-old Will Bosi has been on a meteoric rise within the British climbing scene, collecting impressive accolades in both outdoor and competitive climbing.

The climber Will Bosi has become the newest member of the Entre-Prises ambassador team. Together with his fellow British climber and training partner Shauna Coxsey, he will promote the goals and values of the Entre-Prises Climbing Walls, such as making climbing accessible to everyone and supporting the advancement of climbers in the sport through the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke climbing structures around the world.

Will Bosi recounted: ‘I began climbing after my brother tried it out with the scouts and we were lucky to have Europe’s largest climbing wall just next door! In fact, it was on an Entre-Prise project at the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena where I first learnt to climb and compete. That was also the place where I got on the podium in my first international climbing final. The wall catered to all levels, which was fantastic because it meant that there was always someone better than you there making you want to climb more and train harder!’


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