Le 12/10/2020

The Sport Division in the face of Covid-19

The Sport Division in the face of Covid-19

Since September, the Sport Division has launched two innovative products for the fght against COVID-19:
chalk cream and anti-Covid mattresses, two 100% French products!
Unlike traditional liquid chalk, our chalk cream uses a thicker formula to make it easier to rub into the
hands, and produces less dust in the air.
Pharmaceutical grade and made using particles 10 times smaller than traditional chalk, it is 100% pure
and free from heavy metals.Mixed with an alcoholic hand sanitizer and packaged in individual bottles,
it disinfects hands and helps protect against the spread of Covid-19.
The anti-Covid mattresses are made using a revolutionary PVC membrane, made in France.
It is a special coating made from silver particles that eliminates 95% of viruses, including Covid-19,
in under 15 minutes, and 99.5% in 60 minutes.


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