Le 07/06/2016

The 2016 German Gymnastics Championships taking place soon in Hamburg !

This year, the German male and female artistic gymnastics championships will take place in Hamburg (25 and 26 June 2016), on SPIETH apparatus of course!

Sports-wise, these championships are particularly important as they are the first of two competitions that will select the gymnasts for the Olympic team in Rio.

On Saturday 25 June, 36 men and 24 women will take part in the general competition. On Sunday 26 June, the same athletes will compete again, in the apparatus events.

During an event-packed year, these championships are also particularly important for SPIETH. To ensure that the athletes will be as well prepared as possible for the Rio Olympic Games, the pieces of apparatus will be installed on the SPIETH competition podium, so that they are raised. To do this, it isn't simply a matter of delivering the equipment in four mobile containers and two trucks. The SPIETH fitters will be on site for nearly a week to coordinate the assembly and disassembly of the equipment and to manage the event.

The gymnastics stars will therefore be performing to the public under the best possible conditions, making this a unique event. The competition promises to be an exciting one, as Elisabeth Seitz, Fabian Hambüchen, Marcel Nguyen and others are not only competing for the title of German champion, but to earn their place in the German Olympic team!

We will also be delighted to welcome you to our exhibition stand in the Hamburg sports hall.


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