Le 28/04/2020

SPIETH rebuilds the Berlin Hall at Wingate Institute (Israel)

SPIETH rebuilds the Berlin Hall at Wingate Institute (Israel)

The „Wingate Institute of Physical Education and Sport” is a big Sportscampus, which was built in 1957 for high level sports as well as for recreational sports. Besides the operation of training and medical facilities for plenty of olympic sports disciplines, Wingate educates staff for high level sports, like coaches and physios.

In the course of an integral realignment of the Olympic sport in Israel, several of the facilities at Wingate have been newly built and renovated, to provide optimal training conditions for Olympic sports  and to concentrate different national teams on campus.
Besides a newly built „Air Dome“, which is now the national training center for Rhythmic Gymnastics and is equipped with four competition carpets of SPIETH, the „Berlin hall“ was completely renovated for Artistic Gymnastics after almost 40 years in use and is now on the newest international level.
The original 90 cm deep pit was adjusted to a new pit with 140 cm depth through a podium frame with a height of 30 cm and the whole pit area, including the connected apparatuses, is now on a higher level than the rest of the hall. The whole pit contains different sections of open and closed pit system.

The „Berlin Hall“ is now used as a permanent training facility by the female and male national team and can also be used as competition venue for junior athletes.

It took only four months from the first planning appointment to the completion of the installations. Therefore the “Berlin Hall” is the fastest implementation of a project in this size for the SPIETH company.

The original „Berlin Hall“ was built in 1981 in collaboration with Ulrich Spieth and was donated by the city of Berlin to the Republic of Israel.


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