Le 17/01/2020

SPIETH GYMNASTICS equips the new sports centre in Dornbirn (AUSTRIA)

In Dornbirn (Austria) a new sports complex for different sports has been built in an exhibition center. SPIETH Gymnastics helped to transform exhibition Hall 5 into a sports centre, which is mainly intended for apparatus gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics and TeamGym. Badminton can also be trained on 6 fields in Hall 5 in a separate area.

On about 1500 m2 a great training hall for gymnastics has been created, on which more than 100 children can perform at the same time. There is newly installed various gymnastics equipment as well as a 60 m2 large landing pit. The different gymnastics equipment is available several times in the gym and placed in different areas. On the one hand, they are positioned next to the landing pits for methodological training and on the other hand the apparatuses are also available in the mat area for training under competition conditions. The equipment has been carefully selected so that both basic gymnastics and competitive gymnastics can be trained. Under one roof and with the focus to approach the youngest in gymnastics, height-adjustable apparatuses have also been installed.


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