Le 24/06/2019

Soon also Clip ‘n Climb in Eeklo and Beringen (Belgium)

The popularity of Clip 'n Climb is expanding further with the arrival of two new centers in Eeklo and Beringen!

What is Clip 'n Climb?

Clip 'n Climb is an accessible climbing activity full of challenge and fun! The big difference with traditional climbing is that participants at Clip 'n Climb do not need a climbing partner. The TruBlue automatic fuse technology ensures this. Climbers just have to clip themselves in and can get started right away with different challenges. In this way, Clip 'n Climb creates a dynamic and safe climbing experience.

Because each challenge is unique and can be tailor-made, the activities are challenging for all participants. You can already start with Clip 'n Climb at the age of 4 years. It is easily accessible and therefore suitable for everyone.


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