Le 15/12/2016

Smart Rings wins National Sport Innovator price

Smart Rings wins National Sport Innovator price

Sixteen sports innovation ideas and two new centers in the Sport Innovator system forms the harvest of Sport Innovator in 2016. In October the awards were presented during the National Sports Event Innovator XL.

The Smart Toolbox Rings won a Sport Innovation Award. This technical tour has been designed to assist judges (technological) in a fairer and more objective assessment of the stance time ('Hold Time') of power and attitude elements in a ring exercise. We congratulate InnoSportLab 's Hertogenbosch with the price. The Smart Rings was developed by InnoSportLab in close collaboration with JANSSEN-FRITSEN. The Smart Rings were tested at several competitions, such as here at the European Championships in Sofia in 2014 and the European Championship in 2016 Bern.











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