Le 01/03/2016

Pro Athlete’s Edu Marin, new CLIMBAT centers face

This past March began the partnership between Salas de Escalada CLIMBAT and professional climber Edu Marin. In the coming years, the Catalan climber will be the face of our brand image, bringing our name all over the world. He will works with the routsetters and technical climbing to improve our knowledge and provide better service. Edu will do promotional events with us and our Climbat Centers will be the first to watch his climbing video adventures.

Edu Marín is a notorious athlete of our sport, he began to be a household name at a very young age, with only 14 years old, when he surfaced to the scene with some extremely difficult ascents. Junior World Champion, winner of several World Cup competitions, Spain's National Champion and many other titles. But tournaments are no longer today his top priority.

Edu Marín is one of the world’s most renowned climbers and the first climber to repeat "La Rambla", 9A+ most famous path, when he was only a child. Recently, Edu climbed a path that only the strongest climbers have been able to do, the mythical "Chilam Balam" (9a+/b) in Malaga.

Lately, he's been focusing his career on climbing big walls, alongside his father or Sasha DiGulian, with whom he has climbed worldwide renowned walls as Orbayu (8c) or PanAroma (8c/+).

Currently he is ready to crown his first 9b and travel to the United States to climb El Capitan through its most difficult path, The Nose, in classic climbing.

Edu's signing and also partnerships with big name brands such as Mammut or Boreal shows CLIMBAT ambition to work with the sports top level climbers, relating Tying our image with the best athletes in the world.


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