Le 11/04/2018

JANSSEN-FRITSEN and the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation intensify cooperation

JANSSEN-FRITSEN and the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Federation intensify cooperation

On the day of the 150th anniversary of organized gym sports, both parties extend the longest running sponsorship contract in the sport until 2024. The Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie, (KNGU) and JANSSEN-FRITSEN will jointly facilitate the competitive sport (er) in the coming years. Competitive sports JANSSEN-FRITSEN provides the equipment for all national and international competitions of the KNGU and is working on more and better quality competition locations, so that both the athlete and the fan will make the matches more attractive. In addition, JANSSEN-FRITSEN gives the cooperation with this new contract an extra impulse.

Recreational sport  (Gym-) sports no longer happens only in a room. That is why there are opportunities to offer gyms in other places as well. And so the sport to the people to bring. A part of that is organizing party parties for 'your own door'. That can be in a sports hall on Saturday morning, but that could be fine in a park in the summer as well. JANSSEN-FRITSEN endorses this movement and facilitates these mobile areas with the necessary materials.

Marieke van der Plas (KNGU director) says : "It is remarkable that JANSSEN-FRITSEN has been a loyal and solid partner of gym sports since 1957. We are very proud of that. With such a party on our side, we are going to have a lot of energy for the next 150 years ".

John van der Horst (JANSSEN-FRITSEN Netherlands Director) explains: "JANSSEN-FRITSEN is very happy to be a partner of the KNGU again in the next 6 years and hope to be connected to each other for a long time to come. Both the KNGU and JANSSEN-FRITSEN are in full swing with new concepts and innovative products. And want to maximize the enjoyment of gym sports in the Netherlands. The new contract is interesting for both top athletes and all associations ".


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