Le 08/06/2018

ERHARD Sport at OSP Stuttgart

ERHARD Sport at OSP Stuttgart

Well-known athletes train at the Olympic training center in Stuttgart, such as the high-jumper Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, the Para-Kugelstoßer Nico Kappel or hurdler Nadine Hildebrand. The beach volleyball field on Mercedesstraße now shines in new splendor - with ERHARD Sport! Especially the beach volleyball players Chantal Laboureur and Julia Sude enjoy the ERHARD Sport logo on the posts of the beach volleyball facility of the base. Due to the weather-resistant, robust, yellow ERHARD posts, the system is used all year round - due to the early summer temperatures in Germany, of course, the more so in April! Due to the proximity to the southern branch in Altbach near Stuttgart fast service is guaranteed and if necessary can be helped out with balls or nets.


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