Le 11/02/2019

DTL and SPIETH Gymnastics remain a team

The German Turnliga (DTL) and SPIETH Gymnastics will remain closely linked in the future: the partnership was extended prematurely until 2024.

"I would like to express my special thanks to Managing Director Mr. Hauser and Sales Manager Mrs. Grau for their confidence in us. With SPIETH, we have for many years been a reliable partner, whose commitment not only makes us an important sponsor, but also wants to work with us to strategically develop the entire Turnliga, "emphasized DTL President Jens-Uwe Kunze.

The Berliner underlined once again the claim of the league to do gymnastics with the best equipment set currently available. "At the same time, however, we see this wish as our obligation to the clubs. We want equipment for our athletes that make gymnastics as safe as possible for them, especially when they excite the audience in their exercises with maximum difficulties. SPIETH has been able to do this for decades in exemplary fashion, "he said.

In addition to monetary support SPIETH Gymnastics therefore also provides the equipment of all competitions organized by the German Gymnastics League and the DTL clubs have the opportunity to borrow equipment at special rates. For the first time, the contract also includes services for the rhythmic gymnastics, as this latter should integrate DTL in the future.


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