Le 08/04/2016

CLIP’N CLIMB world news

… Russia
Ru4Kids is appointed CLIP ‘N CLIMB distributor in Russia. Based in Moscow this hugely experienced consulting company is already well established in the amusement industry and is deeply involved in family leisure and adventure parks.

… Saudi Arabia

The city of Riyadh will host the first CLIP ‘N CLIMB in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia following the signing of a contract for the GOAL AlRabwa project. GOAL is a popular indoor soccer franchise operating at multiple sites around the GCC.

… Kuwait
New Zealand installers completes two projects in Kuwait, one of which is in what will be the largest single indoor adventure center in the country. A center featuring a trampoline park, an adventure ropes course, a huge children’s soft play area, a skate park and indoor soccer.

… Australia
The Highgate Group complete the installation of a major new CLIP ‘N CLIMB in Berwick, Melbourne. The center also offers a 12 meters high SkyTrail adventure ropes course and a multi-level Cheeky Monkees soft play area.


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