Le 22/05/2017

CLIP ‘N CLIMB is aiming for the Guinness Book Record in China !

CLIP ‘N CLIMB is aiming for the Guinness Book Record in China !

As the International Olympic Committee approved of Climbing as part of the next 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Asian continent is upping its own game. Ever since the announcement in August 2016, Clip ‘n Climb has seen the opening of 9 facilities and another 6 are to be counted on soon.

What better idea than opening a Clip ‘n Climb facility when the IOC President Thomas Bach says he wants ‘to take sport to the youth’? The Chinese government is on it and has been offering financial and political support to the Sports Industry, with a special attention to climbing.

In China indeed, Shopping Mall owners are also part of the ingredients that make that recipe delightful. Their main goal at the moment is to differentiate themselves from their competitors and enhance their customer experience.  They are opening fun climbing areas and conducting events for these openings.

Clip ‘n Climb Speed Climb Challenge Guinness Book Records

A good example is the event set up by the Yintai Group in collaboration with Clip ‘n Climb Asia. Following the opening of their In Sports facility in Chengdu, China, on 28th April 2017, they are aiming at breaking the Guinness World Record of people ascending the Speed Climb Challenge in one day! Participants can’t fall even once, or the countdown goes back to zero to be started again. The event will take place exactly a month after the launch of the facility, on 28th May 2017.

Chinese entrepreneurs are turning to Clip ‘n Climb thanks to its image of high quality products. Competitors are offering the same type of products but a certain number of investors say they cannot manage to equal the brand’s high end offer and designs.  Hence the many opportunities Clip ‘n Climb has been provided with, resulting in future openings through the Dock 39 facilities for example, in Shanghai and Beijing. Planned to open through the summer, these massive areas dedicated to fun climbing will offer about 20 Challenges to the public.

Do you want to know more about Clip ‘n Climb in Asia? Come and meet us at IAAPA’s Asian Attraction Expo 2017! It will take place in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from 13th June to 16th June 2017. We will be at booth n°B1023. See you there!


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