Le 11/04/2018

Climbing up at ADEC SPORT

Climbing up at ADEC SPORT

ADEC SPORT is proud to have been chosen by the Collège Provincial de Liège in Belgium to install the new climbing wall at the Écoles des Métiers de Sécurité et d’Urgence (School for security and emergency professions). Phase 3 of the redevelopment of the Maison Provinciale de la Formation includes a 14.5-metre-high climbing wall with a surface area of almost 250 m². This wall will be used to train security officers and firefighters.

ADEC SPORT has also been chosen by the Collège Robert Schuman Institut in Eupen (Belgium) to build a climbing wall in their sports’ hall. The students will soon be able to enjoy a wall of almost 9-metres high equipped with 12 routes. It is ideal for offering students a broad and diverse range of physical activities but above all, for enabling them to develop new skills.


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