Le 18/01/2018

Bloc & Wall in Colmar : a new climbing centre and a novelty for France

Bloc & Wall in Colmar : a new climbing centre and a novelty for France

At a time when climbing centres are fast developing in France, Bloc & Wall is more than just another centre. It offers a unique concept that caters for all climbing disciplines and different kinds of training, whatever the proficiency level. The new centre boasts facilities for the three Olympic disciplines (speed, bouldering and lead), a Monkey Space facility and a proper training area as well as a huge space dedicated to kids, with a height-defying via-ferrata-style challenge, a 120-square-metre beginners’ area and even a real Sequoia to climb and conquer.

 For Bloc & Wall, this project is the product of a genuine partnership with ENTRE-PRISES. “Responsiveness, expertise and a real spirit of sharing provided a constructive context for this project with ENTRE-PRISES in Saint Vincent de Mercuze: the teams were able to meet up on site at critical moments to find the right solutions together. Ongoing communication enabled us to overcome the numerous challenges we faced: making the work site accessible despite its urban location, incorporating a large climbing surface area and achieving our common goal of creating an innovative project in terms of design”, explains Sébastien, manager of the centre.

 With more than 30 years of experience in creating/manufacturing boulders and climbing holds, EP is also a hands-on partner. With an eye both on the constraints of building in an urban environment and on Bloc & Wall’s ambition to create spaces for every type of climbing and training, EP brought a broader-angled expertise to the project. The ENTRE-PRISES designers, engineers and project managers worked hard to offer solutions carefully tailored to meet expectations: conducting studies, resource planning, adherence to deadlines, cost control and so on.


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