Le 20/11/2017

ENTRE-PRISES and Augmented Climbing Wall are creating a global service offering for “augmented” climbing.

Since August 2017, ENTRE-PRISES has been official supplier of Augmented Climbing Wall products, a brand created in 2013 by the Finnish company Valo Motion.

ENTRE-PRISES and its CLIP ‘N CLIMB brand—its specialist fun climbing range—offer clients a turnkey service and an amazingly fun interactive experience for all players/climbers, with Augmented Climbing Wall products as stars of the show!

The Augmented Climbing Wall experience combines climbing, video gaming and augmented reality. Indoor climbing sessions are revolutionised by light and sound thanks to a camera, a computer and a video projector!  A variety of games offers an interactive experience—training, duels, obstacles, etc. This is an innovative concept that combines an interactive gaming platform and a climbing wall.

Ever since hitting the international scene in 2016, Augmented Climbing Wall has had outstanding commercial success (the brand sold products in more than 30 countries last year) and has created a buzz on social networks (150 million views for its most popular video).


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