Acting together, these 5 companies lead the market for institutional locker rooms and bathroom equipment.

In the UK, PROSPEC offers and installs high-end products, mostly for sporting complexes.

In France, SUFFIXE and NAVIC are the undisputed specialists in swimming pools and aquatic centers. VILLEROY FRANCE EQUIPEMENT supplies schools, sports, industrial and camping establishments..., SANITEC is the specialist in locker room and bathroom equipment for the open-air holiday market and office buildings, but also an expert in glass shower walls for hotels and other service residences.

 The products distributed by the brand sets are :

  • Toilet cubicles,
  • Layout concepts (for example the SMS concept),
  • Wardrobes and lockers,
  • shower walls,
  • Benches and coat racks,
  • Wall protectors.

PROSPEC is specialized in glass-based products. The company's designs are highly-regarded by architects.

FRANCE EQUIPEMENT's know-how has allowed for the company's constant evolution of its product range to meet clients' needs (technical specificities, architectural trends, access for people with reduced mobility).

SUFFIXE has perfected a revolutionary locker concept specifically adapted to the needs of pool users. A locker that turns on itself, making it perfectly resistant to vandalism, it is also electronic, removing any need for keys.